My Name is Bandwidth :)

Hello … my name is bandwidth. I’m a part of internet connection. People usually call me speed of internet connection, or speed of downloading, or other definition, which is the same in meaning. If you ever seen a “54 Kbps” word, you’ve found my size in use (it can be speed connection). I can make you smile, as long as i have a big connection to internet. However, you may be cry, if i give you small connection. You have to pay a high charge to use me. I’m an expensive stuff, not as same as you thing (note : in Indonesia only , not in other country).

For a webmaster, bandwidth is the measurement of data that is sent from your web host’s server down to the visitors computer. If you have a lot of visitors and they all download large files from you, then you will need a great amount of bandwidth. Many webmasters do not plan for the future and inadvertently have their web sites shut down in the middle of the month because their web site was much more popular than they ever expected. To preven this from happening to you, carefully measure your bandwidth usage and plan ahead!

You can see this mathematical counting of bandwidth measurement :

1 byte = 8 bit
so 128 Kbps = 16 KBps
International Link 128 Kbps (shared up to 1 Mbps) and Local Backbone (OpenIXP & IIX) , it is 10 Mbps downlink and 5 Mbps uplink. You have to pay 11 millions per month to use it.
Ok, 11 millions per month is not cheap …
(from : macweb forum)

About me, people can use me for private only, and for share. So, i have to functionality :

1. dedicated bandwidth : people used my for private. I will give him constant connection speed.

2. shared bandwidth : humm, i will divide my connection speed, depend on the amount of people who use me. I will give you more, if there only a few people use me. I will give you less, if there a lot of people use me.

You can measure me with bandwidth measurement tool. You can use MRTG, or other tool to measure my speed. You can see how high the connection, when the connection is good or bad, and so on.

Ok, there’s a few profile about me. Just, be wise to use me don’t make the people angry with your decision, if you share me with a lot of internet user …

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