Why Don’t You Try Facebook’s WordPress ?


Several days ago, I’d been buzzed by a friend, told about an application running on the web called Facebook Application. I thought that, it must be funny to try it. Trying to join Facebook.Com, I found that it had special feature inspite of Friendster or MySpace, especially. Yes, Facebook is just another social networking site. Nevertheless, it can be developed by yourself. You can make an application running on Facebook and invite your friend to use your application. I’ve tried some funny application like : iLike, Vampires, Movies, and so on. There’s an application that’s very usefull for a blogger using WordPress platform. It’s called Wordpres Application.


You can easily add your post when you’re log in at your Facebook. Beside that, you can also read your blog statistic, add your bookmark (blogroll), and so on. Just a one simple way : log in to your Facebook account, and do all what you want around your application pallete. It’s funny, ain’t ?

Want to get a try ? Click here for WordPress Facebook Application

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