Swine Flu : Bad News is often Really Good News

Swine flu (H1N1) phenomenon which has already spreaded in Thailand since April 2009 becoming headline in some international newspaper, including in Indonesia recently. According to Bangkokpost, up to this week there are 18 people killed by this virus and at least 3,071 cases since April. The Thailand government has set up some preventive actions, such as giving antiviral for the victims up to providing 24-hours on call operator to reduce your fear of this virus. The ministry of public health also suggested the people to wear mask and to be carefully protecting themselves if they go to public place. The prime minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva also reported that this kind of flu is not as dangerous as normal flu due to the low death ratio caused by this flu, although there is an increasing percentage of death people caused by this virus up to this day.

The consciousness of wearing mask in Bangkok is increasing as they know that everybody can be infected suddenly when they are walking unprotected along some public places. This Swine Flu’s bad news, probably, is often really good news to the other side. As you see in the first picture, taken from this online site, the people start to think wearing mask as fun as they can. Now, you can see a lot of people wearing non-tradisional mask when you are in BTS or Subway station at Bangkok. The price of the mask itself is not so expensive, start from 30 baht to 70 baht. It’s kinda a little bit “peculiar” when you realize that industrial idea can turn  “a fear into a willingness to follow the trend”. If you are staying at Bangkok now, you will quickly realize that there are some people who wear mask to follow the upcoming trend instead of protecting themselves from the virus.

You can also see my picture below, (taken from Victory Monument BTS station) an advertisement of “English Course” for teenager which captures the trend of wearing mask today. I guess, the English Course provider just wanna pass a message, “Even you are wearing mask now, keep talking English confidently to the foreigner. So join us!”.

This is another phenomenon of swine flu : an origin of bussiness chance which follows the behaviour of the people. Therefore in this case, such a bad news in Bangkok is not admitted as a bad news for some  smart people. They can earn much money by their smart creativity.

So, have you wear your funny mask today? Don’t be shy. Protecting yourself is fun :)

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