How to use Prolink PHS100 HSDPA Modem on Snow Leopard

MasDab, pada artikel kali ini, ijinkan saya menggunakan bahasa Inggris karena barangkali inilah artikel pertama yang menjelaskan bagaimana modem prolink phs100 berjalan di Snow Leopard 10.6.4. Harapannya, semoga tutorial di bawah ini bisa dinikmati oleh semua manusia, tanpa batas negara dan bahasa :)

If you are a user of Prolink PHS100 3.5G HSDPA modem and also a Snow Leopard lover, than congratulation! Today, the “holy path” to make the Prolink PHS100 3.5G HSDPA modem works on Snow Leopard has been revealed. Honestly, it was just a coincidence. I’ve searched all around the net for two weeks and couldn’t find anything explaining how this “dude” works on my new MacBook Pro.

Here is how it came up in my “network preferences” nicely:

1. If you use Snow Leopard 10.6.3, then you have to upgrade to 10.6.4. The upgrade files, including Java for 10.6.4, are about 620 MB. Thought, you have to find a fast internet connection as well ;)

2. Install all drivers and applications from the modem itself. You should follow an step-by-step instruction written on a *.txt file inside the modem. Make sure that the “Prolink HSDPA” can be found inside your Apps folder.

3. Plug your modem in. OK, then. You shall be a little bit patient. Your Mac will detect your modem. Here is how the “miracle” happened. I found three menus on the left side of “Networks Preferences”, which were: macusb_modem, macusb_diag, and macusb_nmea. I choose “macusb_modem” and filled *99# in the “Telephone Number” form (it depends on your provider, actually.). Next, I tried to activate the “Prolink HSDPA” from Applications folder. I pressed the “Connect” button on the “Networks Preferences” and ….. it worked!

Or, you can also activate the modem by pressing “Connect” button on “Prolink HSDPA”. To cut the connection, just press the “Disconnect” button.

I suggest you to try this by yourself. The result may be vary, but if you find this article is useful, please give a comment to this article

Thanks  :)

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