[Review] Texpad 1.5.7 – Latex editor for Mac

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I know there are a lot of reviews about Texpad out there, including this, this, and that one. However, my hands have been so “itchy” to write the review by myself, even though you can always directly visit the official website of the app to know what Texpad is and how it can help you doing your writing task.

I got information about Texpad several weeks ago, right before revising my paper work. At that time, I was using TexStudio to do almost all of my writing stuffs. Despite of how sophisticated TexStudio in handling .tex file, I still found that this TeX editor was not a fast as other native OSX applications. Furthermore, I had to walk on quite steep learning curve since there were a lot of buttons in the interface. It was not so simple for common people to just “type and go” their .tex file.

I finally stumbled across Texpad, which is a paid app (I felt like, “Hey, this app must  be different from the others, since I have to pay several bucks to get along with it for more than two weeks”). And yes, my doubt was greatly answered after I used it for only one day. I downloaded and installed it quickly, as fast as I used it to edit my paper, and even my thesis work! Finally, I decided to buy it from AppStore (since I am staying in Japan, I got Texpad by paying only 1,700 Yen).

One thing that I love from Texpad is: I felt like I am opening Preview while actually  writing and editing a .tex file. To add some facts of other nice features, you can use your trackpad to control your document preview, such as zooming in and out, selecting between three previews, and so on with very intuitive movement.  This is quite reasonable since, according to the developer, the application was nicely built on native OSX programming language (Objective-C ? If I am not mistaken). Of course, this is very important for Mac application since execution time (text setting and other tasks) for one document is increasingly fast compared with other TeX editor for Mac.

The other feature that I really like is how Texpad handles multiple .tex files for one integrated document. Given a set of thesis files, including .tex and bibtex files, you can just open the root document and Texpad will do the rest for you. The app will scan over your folders based on command inside your root document. This is one feature that makes Texpad wins over the other TeX editors.

Finally, you will know in detail by watching this video.
I am doing this review by my intention, since I want other people to have same experience as I do. You should give it a try, if you want to really enjoy writing and editing .tex file using your Mac with original Mac’s taste.

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