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Sunu Wibirama


"I am having healthy disrespect of the impossible.
It’s better to start and fail than never started anything"

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I spend most of my time sitting at front of a digital machine called computer (even though I am not a gamer). I create computer program. Precisely, I design, code, and debug computer program to create useful applications, mostly related with balancevision disorder, visually-induced motion sickness, and eye-gaze tracking. Some people said I belong to computer science area, thus they called me a computer scientist. I am happy with that, but it does not matter for me, whether I am a computer scientist or an engineer.

Currently, I also actively work and contribute in one of artificial intelligence field called computer visionparticularly in 3-D computer vision. I really want to make some useful applications to introduce Indonesia in an easier way. A way that make you enjoy the most beautiful place in our country, without even spending any money. I published my research works mostly in English, since I want my articles to be readable by other researchers, regardless of their nation. Most of not so serious works were published in magazines, newspapers, or just presented orally in a conference, cultural meeting, and other informal events (and of course mostly in Bahasa Indonesia). Beyond all of these, I just want to share what I know and I’ve learnt. I really hope some people can be enlightened, after reading my articles.

I also love travelling and photographing daily life, human interactions, and nature scenery. Especially for nature photography, it is not only about how to get a beautiful picture, but also to be thankful for what the Creator has done mostly for the rest of us. Share to other people, and share the happiness of seeing various amazing beautiful creatures. You will not regret your life, it’s only once in a lifetime and you have to be thankful.

Currently, I live in Japan. A country with a beautiful scenery, friendly people, and advance technology. Also a country with various interesting stuffs, ranging from books to electronics. The most wonderful thing is to involve your heart in every decision and interaction. “Take fatwa from your heart. Ask your heart for your good or bad behavior” (islamic teaching). Even when communicating in this country is extremely easy (since you will be connected to internet everywhere, anytime), it does not mean that it always appropriates to use digital device to say something special. You must write it, say it by yourself, directly. In Japan, you will find a lot of people sending new year card and they write it by themselves, to express their gratitude to whom they admire, respect, and are grateful to.

As said by Japanese people :

A country where the heart of human arrives
every beginning of the year

I write some articles about Japanese culture and language. It is interesting to study Japanese culture, since it has so many similarity with my cultural root, Javanese. You can visit some of my cultural insight and my experience here. In case you have something to ask about PhD’s life in Japan, or how to deal with Japanese manners while being a good student, I’d love to answer your questions. Just drop an email to:


Sunu Wibirama

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